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  Corporate Profile

Industry category: Textile products and textile production machinery


Staff: 16 regular, 22 part times

Capital: JPY 10 million

Annual sales: JPY 431 million

Address: Oyama-cho 38-5, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 173-0023

TEL 81-3-3973-0678

FAX 81-3-3973-0680

Homepages: Machine Division. (circular knitting machines)


Development of businesses in two fields:

In the machine product field, development/production of units that add new features for circular knitting machinery, such as knotters and auto-stripers, based on highly original technology (approx. 45% in FY2003).

In the textile field, specialized development/production of various types of supporter/other knit products, productized using our circular knitting equipment (approx. 55% in FY2003)

  Management Principles

Give thanks for naturees bounty and the guidance of our predecessors, create a company that contributes to the well-being and prosperity of ourselves and those involved with us.

Continue to offer products that satisfy through customer-orientedness and by always striving for technological innovation.

Recognizing that people are our greatest asset, we shall strive to foster an environment in which individualse talents are fully exhibited.

Strive to create better human relations and a better work environment through respect and mutual trust.


Use our companyes technology to develop knitting machinery with new features, and use the knit products developed/productized with these knitting machines to open a new market and obtain customer satisfaction.

Expand in the world market as a specialty maker of auto stripers.

The machinery division independently develops and manufactures textile-related computer knitting machines and changers; the textile division uses this machinery to develop and produce final products made of unique high-tech materials, such as Far infrared radiation fabrics and conductive fabrics, for direct consumer use.

We have structured a system capable of offering everything from high value-added products to low-cost products achieved through improved productivity, and sell through diverse channels in different fields, including medical, health, beauty, sports, nursing and industrial.

  Strategies for future expansion

In the Machinery Division as the expert maker of peerless auto stripers (thread changers), our strategy will be:

Obtain ISO9001 certification so that the reliability of products made with our unique technologies will be recognized.

Supply overseas knitting machine makers under our own brand.

Supplying world leading knitting machine makers (separate slide) is the largest issue.

Textile division - strive to realize our management vision, and use the supporter knitting machines developed/manufactured in-house to:

Independently productize highly functional, simple supporters.

Realize order-made supporter business model.

Improve share of our branded products.

(To expand in the European and US markets, a product line surpassing German made products will be critical, and improvement of our medical and technological level will be a crucial condition for our strategy.)